In simple words, a geodesic dome is a structure consisting of many small elements connected into a single network. The grid is based on a triangle - the most stable figure in nature. Therefore, the geo-dome has increased strength characteristics with a small consumption of material. Ease of production, quick installation and attractive shape have made this design popular all over the world.

The structures are designed for year-round operation in any climate from -50°C to + 50°C. Optionally, the domes are supplemented with insulation, the thickness of which is selected according to the required parameters. Also, we can find you a solution for ventilation, heating and air conditioning.

We know that it is possible to build a business without harming and destroying the environment.

Geodesic Dome Home - Labellway

Combining an innovative approach to design and construction, we use only proven suppliers and quality materials. Our specialists provide full support and implementation of complex projects from design to installation.

The geodesic dome tent offers modern conveniences and allows outdoor enthusiasts to stay excited, comfortable and cozy!

Our self-contained tents can be set up anywhere with minimal environmental impact. All geodesic backcountry recreational domes are built with high quality materials and components and should last more than 15 years if well cared for.