A retaining wall is needed to hold the soil in place. Thanks to it, you can stylize the features of the landscape and create a stylish garden design. It is the irregularities of the site that cause the most problem for their owners. Leveling the ground is not always appropriate. It is better to play this feature in style. Thus, you will get a unique site design and save its features. Often retaining walls are used on flat terrain to raise a building or yard.

In a supporting wall, the strength and reliability of the structure is the most important thing. If you do not consider the pressure of the soil, the building will simply collapse, leading to negative consequences. Contact the professionals to avoid the destruction of the structure and the entire site. LABELLWAY professionals will build the perfect retaining wall for your yard. When creating a system, we always consider the landscape's features and the soil's load. We also develop designs that will be a great addition to your garden. In our work, we use the best materials from well-known manufacturers. Thanks to the professionalism of the masters, you should not worry about the reliability of the design.

Retaining walls - Labellway

Retaining Wall Options

Concrete Wall 

An option that will be a worthy decoration of any garden. A stylish building zone, the site protects the landscape from destruction. You can plant plants inside the concrete retaining wall. It can be just lawn grass or climbing flowers.

Stone Retaining Wall

Natural boulders and rocks are often used to create a retaining wall. It is an excellent option for summer cottages, which perfectly harmonize with nature. You can hang flowers in pots to plant greenery on the retaining wall.

Retaining Wall is Made of Wood

Wood is a natural material that is used to create a retaining wall. Choosing durable materials that are treated with moisture and insect repellents is better. If you select this option, you should not plant plants near the wall. Substances can adversely affect the soil, which will damage flowers and greenery.

Wire Structures

Metal cages can be used as retaining walls. Usually, they are filled with stone, which creates a stylish design for your site. This solution looks relatively modern and will decorate any garden.


Brick is a classic in landscape design. Such support looks stylish and does not lose its appearance after years of operation. The abundance of color solutions allows you to create an option for any design.

Steel Retaining Structures

Metal is another option for decorating the yard. You can choose stainless material to decorate your garden in a hi-tech style. Aged support will add sophistication to the landscape and make it vintage.

Combined Options

When creating a retaining wall, there are no restrictions on the choice of material. You can combine wood and concrete, stone and steel. Select the option that best fits the yard's design and will become your calling card.

Retaining Walls in Backyard Design

The retaining wall does not have to be solid. You can install benches along the border and add fountains. The retaining wall can act as a path to the house and imitate steps. With this design, you can increase the size of the recreation area or make it part of the veranda. It is not necessary to make a large retaining wall. You can install a small option to highlight part of the garden or to shape the flower beds.

The construction should be entrusted to professionals, regardless of which retaining wall option you choose. Many years of experience allow the masters to quickly and efficiently translate any design into reality.